Adventures. For me I am in college. Where you have roommates who drive you nuts at times, where you can never seem to find the perfect balance of sleep, studying and a having a social life. But over all it is one of the best things for a person. To move out on your own and begin your new life and journey that is ahead of you. Speaking of new journey's I have the opportunity to go to Mexico and Belize for a month to study the culture, hike old ancient ruins and eat way too much spanish rice and beans.

I was thrilled when I heard about this opportunity to finally start traveling and seeing a little bit of the world. However when I called my parents they crushed my dreams because of the fear they had for me to travel. This shook me up and made me fearful at times but some things stuck with me on how to not be so afraid and I would like to share them.

First off, we must never be afraid to go out and live our dreams. We were filled with these magical things to go out and live. If you have dreams of becoming or doing something, do it. I feel like we will grow up and regret the things we never did rather than say "Oh I should've never done that." So go for it, whatever it is. It doesn't need to be huge but could be as simple as picking up a paint brush and splashing paint onto a canvas.

Second, don't let people get you down. This is something that has been hard for me with many things. I love hearing peoples advice and asking what I should do but when it comes down to it at the the end of the day I am the only person who can make decisions for myself. Everyone has opinions on how you should live your life but its your life. My friend told me its like your on a bus and it's your bus and you have friends in the back and sometimes you want to party in the back of the bus with everyone but then that leaves you going no where. You have to drive your own bus to get where you are going in life. So never let people stop you from your true passions in life.

Third, Enjoy everyday. Live everyday. We may have big, huge adventures that await us months ahead of us but that doesn't mean we can't live right now. That is something else I am obsessed with, planning my life every detail at a time. But I have finally come to the point where I can't plan it. I have somethings in mind and dreams and goals ahead of me but basically I am at the point where it is in God's hand's. So until then I want to live. I want really live. When I say live I don't mean stay up late every night and party. I mean to enjoy people. To go out of my comfort zone and try something new. You never know what is out there waiting for you, you just have to take a big leap and JUMP. I am obsessed with life. I think it is one of the greatest gifts given to us.

So when I say adventure it may seem like you have to travel across the world for an adventure. Don't let this mislead you. I have decided adventures await us at every corner, wherever we are. An adventure may be getting to know a grandparent you don't know, spending more time with the precious loved ones in our lives, swinging on the swings at the park and just letting the wind blow through your hair. Adventures are up to you.

Here are some other adventures I have considered:
Climbing a tree. Baking a foreign recipe. Building a fort of simple bed sheets. Leaving love notes all around the house for someone you love. Doing service for your neighbor. Planting a tree. Looking at the clouds. Staying up too late with someone you love. Waking up to see the sunrise. Talking to a stranger. Hiking. Running longer than you have run before. Going out of your comfort zone. Becoming what you have always wanted to become. Dancing in the kitchen. Laughing when you're by yourself (it's actually really fun) Calling everyone in your family on a random day of the week. Laying from the couch upside down. Going Vegan for the day! Taking five minutes to yourself to just breathe.

You are never too old for a little adventure. So Take your pick and get out there for the adventure that awaits you.

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  1. Thanks Lindsay! This inspires me to be "obsessed with life". I like that! That's a good thing to be obsessed about.

  2. I love this! you are a very good writer and give great advice. I love you lenny pen!

  3. Oh and btw... i can just imagine you laughing by yourself haha and it seems very cute :)

  4. Feel free to call. Number is in Facebook. :-)

    Uncle Kelly

  5. Love this blog you gals have. Good job Lindsay. Thanks for the call last night.


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