Ok so it's been along time since I have wrote a post on here. This is what happened.

About 7 weeks ago, after a long night after work, school and homework. I completely broke down. I was done. I was done working two jobs, going to school full time, doing homework, being a wife, and a sister-blogger. I was done wasting time on Facebook for hours looking at all my friends lives and how picture perfect they seemed. Emotionally, physically, and mentally I was drained.
Hard Battle.

 I realized I only had 5 weeks left in the semester. I had already made it through the longest part. I couldn't quit my jobs. I couldn't quit going to school. I couldn't keep going on with everything. I felt like my life was out of control and all of these different things were constantly pulling on me. I needed to be writing better posts. I needed to study for tests and doing homework. I should've been doing better at work. Someone needed me to do something. Life was simply chaotic. Funny how that happens.

I had a day where something hit me. I knew I couldn't just sit back and let all of these "things" pull on my life. I couldn't just watch everything untangle after I had put so much effort into putting it together. I remembered I was in control of my own life. Something needed to stop. Sadly, this is where I chose to stop blogging and writing. I often found myself blogging instead of doing homework. I felt like if I could get rid of one thing that was pulling on me I could handle my situation better. So I did. I told the sisters I needed a break. I was in a writing hiatus.
You were not meant to be...

But I'm back. And boy do I want to share with all of you the things I have learned.

1. Don't you dare give up when the going gets tough. I almost wrote to not even think about giving up but when you feel like there are dark gloomy grey clouds swarming you, sometimes you can't help that it crosses your mind. But I can promise if you persevere and take those hard days, better days will come and they do come. It may take 5 weeks, 5 months, or 5 years.  I promise they will come.

2. Get control, before you feel like everything is controlling you. Take control, this is your life. Don't let everything else pull on you. You are in charge. Don't forget it is so important to do things for yourself. Even if it is hard. Hard things make people strong.

3. Take a lot of breaths--find your peace everyday. During crazy times you need to find your peace. For me I take a lot of deep breaths. I listen to talks, read scriptures, and pray. I try to think positively and when all else fails, I cry. I cry a lot. Anyone who truly knows me, knows I am a big ole cry baby. I don't recommend crying because your eyes get all puffy. But if you do it's ok. Find your peace.

4. Have a bigger perspective. Life is a lot bigger than your Advanced Exercise Physiology class. There is so much more to life and so many more exciting times in our lives. Realize the hardships you face will only be but a small moment.

5. Good will always prevail over evil. Have you ever noticed in most movies, the good guys always win? I have noticed as I have taken the steps to do what is right, it has been hard but in the end it is always more worth it rather than justifying my standards for something lame.

So how did everything go? Well I didn't fail any of my classes. I got re-hired for next semester at the Wellness Center. And I am taking a big break from the Call Center and focusing on my internship! I can't complain. It is a sheer miracle I made it through last semester. Life is so good after a stormy sea.

"It's always darkest before the dawn..." -Florence and the Machine-Shake It Out.


  1. This really helped and inspired me. Thank you for this post!!!

  2. Wow I seriously loved this and needed to read this. Thank you so much for all these tips! You are so wise. Love you.


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