One of my favorite chapters from Smart Money Smart Kids is the chapter on teaching your children how to give. Dave Ramsey starts off by saying that we are really just stewards over our money because all we have was given to us from God.  The fact that we are simply managers of our money can help children become less selfish and more responsible. 

My favorite quote from the chapter is "The antidote for selfishness isn't a theory; it's an action, and that action is giving." One of the biggest things you can do to teach your children how to give is by being a good example.  Let them see you give, however it may be, to your church, a charity, and to family and friends.  Money is not the only thing that you can give.  You (and your children) have many gifts and talents that you can also share with others.  Since my children are pretty young, I have been trying to think of ways that we can give.

Number one is kind of obvious at this age, that is, sharing. Whether its toys or the snack we brought to the park.  Just simply helping your child recognize those opportunities and then letting them choose whether or not they want to share is huge in the learning process. 
Another way we try and give in a non-financial way is by baking cookies. I am not a huge baker, but I do love to make chocolate chip and oatmeal craisin cookies.  I usually make them with the intent on taking them to someone else and the kids are usually right there helping me make and deliver them.  

 When making cookies for others, they usually get some dough and a few cookies themselves.  Everyone wins! Plus, I can tell they feel good when they see how excited the recipients are. 

Around Christmas time, there are always toy drives.  This can be a great opportunity to help kids go through their own toys and look for things that another child would enjoy playing with or to go to the store and pick out something brand new for a child in need. 

These are just a few ways that you can help children learn how to give.  In the book, there are some really great examples of how Dave's children gave of their time, talents and money and the great experiences they had while doing it. There is just one more week to pre-order the book.  Click on the link to the right and check out all the freebies you get if you pre-order! 

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