We, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, believe in a modern day prophet.  Just as prophets like Noah, Moses, Abraham from the bible were God's spokesman, we believe that God has chosen a spokesman for today.  This man is President Thomas S. Monson.  

President Monson Waving
President Monson

President Monson has two counselors.  They are Henry B. Erying and Dieter F. Uchtdorf (click on their names to find out more about them).  These men have been called of God to bear witness of Jesus Christ and to lead and direct people to do Heavenly Father's will.  We believe that Heavenly Father loves us and has therefore provided a prophet, as he did in ancient times, to help guide His children on the path of righteousness.

Check out this video of people bearing their testimony of prophets. 

As Ashley said yesterday in her post, this weekend is General Conference.  These men, along with other apostles of God, will speak to us. Because these men and women are called of God, I know that what they say is true.  I know that if you are seeking answers to questions, whether they are big or small, they can be answered as you watch and listen to the talks that are given.  I am looking forward to this weekend and hope you will tune in as well. Click HERE to watch online.

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