Hello! For those of you who have read our blog before or know us personally know that we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Twice a year, in April and in October, we have what is called General Conference. The Prophet and leaders of our church speak to us about inspired topics that they choose.

This weekend, April 5th and 6th, is when it will be held this year. I invite all to listen and learn about our faith. All are welcome to listen to these inspired messages. You can find all the ways to watch HERE

Last October President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, shared an amazing message entitled, Come Join Us. Here are a few excepts from his talk. 

"If you expect to find perfect people here, you will be disappointed. But if you seek the pure doctrine of Christ, the word of God "which healeth the wounded soul," and sanctifying influence of the Holy Ghost, then here you will find them. In this age of waning faith- in this age when so many feel distanced from heaven's embrace- here you will find a people who yearn to know and draw closer to their Savior by serving God and fellowmen, just like you. Come, join with us!

If you seek truth, meaning, and a way to transform faith into action; if you are looking for a place of belonging: Come, join with us!

If you have left the faith you once embraced: Come back again. Join with us!

If you are tempted to give up: Stay yet a little longer. There is room for you here.

I plead with all who hear or read these words: Come, join with us. Come heed the call of the gentle Christ. Take up your cross and follow Him.

Come, join with us! For here you will find what is precious beyond price.

I testify that here you will find the words of eternal life, the promise of blessed redemption, and the pathway to peace and happiness."

Click HERE to read the full talk. 

I know that these words are true. I know that if you heed to these words you will find peace and happiness. I feel this peace everyday. I know that if you pray about this church that you WILL get an answer! I know that if you act upon the feelings you are experiencing your life will be eternally blessed! Come join with us!

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