For those of you that are our devout followers you must be thinking, "Wait, I thought it was WE BELIEVE WEDNESDAYS?" Well, it still is! We believe that our bodies are a gift from God and that we should take care of them with healthy nutrition, healthy habits and exercise. 
 Me, in high school. 

All my life I have been very active. I played soccer competitively as a teen, but since getting older, I have not done very much.  I have wanted to start working out for a while because I know how good it makes me feel.  Well, I was searching good ole' Pinterest for motivation to work out and came across an article (that I of course didn't pin and can not find again) of like the top 100 things to motivate people to work out. One of them really hit me.  Someone quoted from the bible (I think this was the scripture) Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." I just loved this. My thought process was, "He wants me to be healthy and with His help, I can have the self discipline to get up each morning and work out." So, I did. That was two and a half weeks ago.  I have worked out every morning Monday through Friday.  Now the first two weeks were seriously just to get me in the habit of getting up that early.  I didn't do much more than causally ride the exercise bike.  
This week however, Lindsay created my very own work out schedule.  The perks of having a sister majoring in exercise science.  I told her the things I wanted to specifically work on (calves, butt, and arm definition) and she came up with a schedule fit for me.
Monday went well.  I felt okay about everything except for the wall sits.  She wanted me to do three sets for 45 seconds each with a minute rest in between. Uh...Ya.... I lasted about 30 seconds, maybe.... And, o boy, I didn't feel so bad the first day but, on Tuesday, I could hardly walk I was so sore! But, I love it.  I love being that sore. It reminds me of how I would feel after a soccer tournament weekend. 

Getting ready to do some squats, legs shoulder width apart.  Also, after getting up every morning at 6 am that first week, I rewarded myself with new shoes!  There is no motivation as good as new clothes right? 

The apartment complex I live in has a Cardio room and a strength center
Tuesday I worked my arms.  I didn't know what overhead triceps extensions (which were on my schedule for Tuesday) were so I looked it up on YouTube and this was the first video that came up.

Thanks Scott! I had to laugh a little. I was lifting a 5 pound weight. Maybe someday I will get to the point where I will need to use is technique of lifting a heavier weight. 
I used the ones on the top far left. Ya that's the 5 pounder for the extension and the 2.5 for the dumbell flys

This morning was better.  I don't feel quite so sore and I lasted the whole 45 seconds for the wall sits. 

Well peace out for now.  Happy exercising. 

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