Hello! Okay, if you came here because you think I'm going to tell you how to quilt, I am very sorry to disappoint, but I need you to give me your opinions on how to quilt! So here we go!

I am making this twin sized quilt for my baby boy! (Yeah he is 2 but he is still my baby) Anyways I don't want it to be a tie quilt, and thats really all I know. I've looked at a couple of tutorials, this is my favorite one but none of them are for twin size quilts, they are all for smaller ones that can be fit through the machine. Which I would love to do, but I think that I have too much fabric that could be easily messed up.

This is what I think you need to know before you give me advice…

1. I have NEVER done anything besides a tie blanket.

2. My top is already sewed together, I will have batting and I do have my back piece, however that needs to be sewed together.

3. I have a sewing machine but no quilting frame. (If you think I need one… I think I will probably need one unless you tell me otherwise, I can most likely find one that I can barrow.)

4. This is a question, I was picking out thread the other day and there is something called quilting thread, is that different then the "regular" thread I bought?

Thank you all so much for helping me in my journey of becoming a domesticated women! If you are willing to give me advice, PLEASE comment here rather than on Facebook because I will see it quicker here than on Facebook!


  1. One quilt I made I just sewed a bunch of circles to hold it together. It worked but doing a few tires was easier and less time consuming. I'm no pro but that's my opinion. Keep us posted about how it turns out. :)

  2. I really don't know much but here is that little i know from my experience. I grew up tying quilts and though it is very quick, it is not my favorite method, either. I have hand-quilted a couple quilts. It is extremely time consuming. I tried machine quilting on a large quilt but had to rip it out (bummer!!!) because the fabric got all bunchy. Like you said probably better to start with a small project. I think my favorite method is to kindof do a "chunky quilt" I have used yarn or crochet thread to stitch out stars, or squares, or hearts, using a large stitch (like 1/4 inch). It is quicker than the thread, invisible stitch. You could use any shape that fits the theme of your quilt. Good luck. I would love to see the end results what ever you decide on.


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