First, it must be said how excited I am to be doing this with my sisters. We started this blog a while ago but weren't really consistent with it and hadn't planned out our goals very well. Tiff had the idea of starting it up again and after a lot of talking, skyping, and never ending design updates I've felt eager to get it going! Due to my full-time job and our differences of schedules, I find I probably communicate the least with my sisters (which makes me sad - read my bio). So having a blog based on the ideas and passions each of my sisters are interested in TALKing about could not make me happier! Love you sisters, thanks for making me do this!

Since it has been so long I want to TALK about where I've been! I've been living in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah for almost a year now and I love it. Some interesting and {possibly} surprising facts about the SLC are as follows. It has been ranked in the top 10 for best state for business, best U.S. hiking city, happiest state, top ski resorts in the U.S., and top gay friendly cities in America (bet ya didn't expect that one!). It has its own professional basketball , soccer, baseball, and ballet teams. It is an awesome place to live with a lot to do and love. With that said, here are a few of my favorite things about living in Salt Lake City, in no specific order. 

Clark and I are literally obsessed with Liberty Park. It is located in the heart of Salt Lake City and lucky for us it is only 3 blocks from my apartment! It was featured on the Bachelorette with Des and Brooks which made me so proud. Not only is it absolutely breathtaking with its large trees, pretty gardens, and enchanting duck pond (isn't though?) but it has something to offer for everyone. It has giant outside fireplaces as well as many grills for people to have barbecues, huge playgrounds with splash pads that accommodate to strollers (yes, a parent can take a child to the top of the slide while pushing a stroller). There is a sidewalk surrounding the entire park where you may choose to run on cement or a trail which attracts bikers, runners, dog walkers and rollerbladers alike. Tracey Aviary is located at Liberty Park for those of you who are bird lovers. There are carnival rides, a swimming pool and tennis courts for people to enjoy in the summer (there is a dome placed over the tennis courts for those who like to play in the winter as well). Forgot your water bottle? Don't worry! There is an artesian well that may cater to your thirst 24/7. I could go on but I've got to finish my list!
(enjoy photos taken by Clark and me on Saturday morning)

It is a very good thing I have a full-time job otherwise I would have serious problems. After growing up in Iowa, Salt Lake City has been an oasis for anything I could ever imagine wanting to purchase. Those from California may disagree, but I am so dazzled by all of the many choices of clothing and design items between the Gateway Mall, City Creek, local boutiques, outlet malls and IKEA. My favorite place to shop is City Creek. The store of my choice, however, would definitely be West Elm
^^^When in Salt Lake you might as well 'Do as the Romans do' and put a ring on it^^^

I have tried many "firsts" while living in Salt Lake. The food options here are extraordinary and constantly getting better. You could find almost any type of food in this city and count on it being good quality. My all time favorite is the Atlantic Cafe & Market which serves Mediterranean food. It's so cute and quaint. If you visit us we will most likely take you there. We also love Ichiban Sushi (yes, I like sushi!) which is located in an old restored church. On Saturday, we had lunch at Gourmandise where you may admire the photos we took. Is your mouth watering yet?

I love the history that Salt Lake City has to offer. There are actually historical plaques placed all over downtown that tell about a lot of old historic buildings, people, and things that have happened. If you have not taken the time to stroll around downtown to notice these historical treats, you really should! It makes for a really fun date night or outing with the family. 
^^^This is the church building I meet in every Sunday that I love. It was built in 1908 and that window is a huge stained glass window of the first vision.^^^
^^^This post clock is one of the oldest historical pieces in Salt Lake City. It is said to have arrived in 1870 and is the only one left of its kind! I hope I am not boring you but I think that is so fascinating! Is it not beautiful?^^^
^^^This is the City-County Building, built in 1894 and cost $900,000! It was Salt Lake City's first Capitol building and public library. vvv

^^^ I couldn't write a post about The SLC without featuring the temple I was married in. It is clearly the most popular site in Salt Lake City. If you are making a trip to Utah definitely put this on your list of places to visit! It basks in the rich history of how Salt Lake City came to be.^^^

Ok lets be honest, I love parks which is why two of my favorite places in this city revolve around parks. There's nothing like taking a nice Sunday stroll with the hubs while admiring this gorgeous planet we live on. However, this park is very special to me as it honors those who have served and fought for our rights here in this country. I'd like to say it is one of SLC's best kept secrets (maybe it's not though and it just took me a long time to find it) but I hope everyone living here would take the time to visit and pay some respect to those who have given so much for us. 
^^^Memorial to those who died in World War II^^^
^^^surrounded by the cutest homes^^^

Yes, Trax (and utah's public transportation system as a whole). This little light rail system could get you anywhere you'd like to go from the University of Utah to much further south in Salt Lake (as well as the airport!). I could live here without a car and meet every one of my needs. I love it. It's good for the economy, quick transportation for the residents, and fun for everyone to enjoy. It is completely free if you are only using it downtown so don't bother buying a ticket and catch a ride while you're there. Good job Salt Lake City, you win! I wish every city in America had one of these!

K Well those are some of my top favorite things about my home sweet home (for now). Not sure how much longer we will be here but I am loving every minute of it. What are some of your favorite things about Salt Lake City? Did I miss any? Find beauty and love in your city, it will make life happy and exciting for you!

Special shout out to this good lookin' guy for running around the city with me all day Saturday to get these beautiful pictures!
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  1. love it Kaylee!! SUCH a beautiful post!! and a beautiful city :)

  2. I'm going to have to disagree with one of your tops. lol If you want really good pastries/food Gourmandise is not the best. Try Les Madeleines on 5th. They won't disappoint, their Kouing Aman is amazing. loved your post!

  3. Kaylee, you make me want to move back to Utah and live in Salt Lake City! I do love Salt Lake :) So many good childhood memories have been made there with my sisters and of course awesome cousins! I am anxious to visit during Christmas time! I love downtown Salt Lake at Christmas with all the lights. I always feel so at home in Salt Lake no matter how long I've been away because I have so many roots there.
    ps. The fall colors in your pictures are amazing! Ahh I just love Fall too much!

  4. Wonderful Kaylee! It is such a great city. I am glad you are taking the time to really enjoy all the unique places. Good job! We can't wait to visit you guys soon.


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