Can I just have a whole blog where I start out saying how much I love my sisters? Yes. Yes I can. I can't go a day without talking to one of these girls. They have been such a strength to me throughout my life. If you don't have sister, just find a good best friend that's a girl. That works.

I'll start with Tiffany. Tiffany is the boss mamma. My grandpa gave her that nick name when we were in high school and it has stuck and has never been more true. But she also goes by the Fliffy Fluffer. Flannel Pants. T-Fan. Tiff. Fanny Pants. She was always the cool big sister growing up. We always wanted to be with her, hang out with her, wear what she wore, do our hair like her. If Tiffany did it, so did we. She's the only one of us with a widows peak. Has the second thickest hair out of us and is probably the best at sewing.

Next is Ashley. I haven't called her Ashley in years because we refer to her as The Wig. She goes by the Wig, Wiglet, Wig-dig, Wiggy. As long as it has WIG in it you can't go wrong. She got the nickname because she was a wiggly child. The Wig is the middle child. Yes, growing up she suffered from middle child syndrome where she missed out on random family gatherings and we're not sure why. But the Wig knows how to make friends anywhere and with anyone. She's really outgoing and loves to laugh. She's also kissed the most boys and knows everyone in the family's birthday. She has the thickest hair, hair like a horse.

And last (well technically I'm the last) is Kaylee. Kaylee has a couple nicknames but the one that has stuck is Big Big Kaylee or The Biggs. She infamously swam across the swimming pool all by herself and my Dad gave it to her for being a big girl. Kaylee is the sweetest. She knows right from wrong like black and white. Kaylee is a genius as well. It was always nice in high school to be known as Kaylee's little sister. She loves getting to know people and is such a good true friend. She really does have the best heart.

As for me I guess I will share a few nicknames I have received. Linny Pinny, Pin Pin, Pindsay, Wendel, and because I told my husband Wendel was one of my nicknames he thinks its funny to call me Wendezels. I'm the baby. I have had the privilege to look up to these sisters growing up. Watching all of them hoping to be like them. I try to make my sisters laugh by doing the infamous Chris Farley skit  "So what if my clothes are too tight..." but I use their names and qualities instead.

Now, it may seem like we're the perfect set of sisters. That we get along all the time and are best friends all the time. But we have had our struggles. Usually when we all get together someone is crying, or  offended but it always ends with us all laughing together because we get over everything pretty quickly. Because of this we have realized we need each other. We all have different unique qualities that really bring us together. And we wouldn't be us with one of us missing. Whenever we are not all together we can tell something is missing.
Who do you think looks the most alike?


  1. Most alike? That's tough. Lindsay, you're one of them. I can't decide if you look more like Tiffany or Ashley. You're all beautiful.

  2. The"Soul Sistas" yep that's you gals!
    There's a song by the Cult I believe called"Sweet Soul Sister" it's a pretty good track.


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