This is our brother.  Yes, he is Superman! Well at least to four little sisters he is.  He was our Superman growing up. And while he is not included in the title of our blog (we just couldn't fit the J in there), he will probably be showing up a lot in our posts and if we are lucky, we might get him to write a few himself!

 Justin is the instigator of clowning around and having fun in our family! And ya, those mustaches were done in Sharpie!

Justin is SO blessed to be surrounded by beautiful women in his life.  He has four little sisters, a wonderful wife and three sweet daughters!!

Justin with his wife Christina and his three girls

Justin graduated from dental school at USC and is currently doing his residency to become a maxillofacial surgeon at Walter-Reed near Washington DC. He is also a Captain in the Army. He is about a 7 hour drive north of where I live and I have enjoyed being able to visit him a few times a year.

He loves teeth!

Ashley here! Oh the many reasons why my big brother is a super hero to me! First off one time when I was little and him and I were the only ones home, I got scared and he let me sleep on the floor in his room! :) It was really nice! Also he taught me to throw a football; I'm pretty certain he made sure that all of his sisters knew how to throw a football. Mostly he has always been a good example. He has always made sure that my sisters and I weren't being dumb. Hahaha I always looked up to him so if he told me something I was doing was dumb, I would stop! Love you Justy!!

My (Tiffany) fondest memories with Justin include playing board games! He taught us how to play Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.  We are VERY competitive when we play games! There are often tears and name calling when we play games.  Some of the in-laws refuse to even play with us.  Justin almost always wins!  It's a lucky day when one of us beat him.  Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite games because it was one of the first (if not only) games I beat him at! I love Justin very much and am so grateful to have him as my brother.  He has always been there for us and I know he always will be!

Hello, it is Kaylee! I owe so much of who I am to not only the example my brother has been to me but also the friend he has been to me too. At a young girl of 12, my brother had just graduated from high school and was about to leave for a two year mission for our church. Out of all of the sisters, my brother picked me to stay at our cabin in southern Utah with him and his 3 other friends for a few extra days... just me! The fact that my brother let his little 12 year old sister tag along with him and his 19 year old friends meant the world to me. I had so much fun and have always kept that memory dear to my heart. My brother has always been there for me for any advice I need as well. He helped me a lot with deciding what I should major in, how to be successful in college and if it was right to marry Clark. I look up to him so much and use him as my number one guy for serious life advice. We always joke around that in heaven we were the left overs that needed to be in a family and Justin was right there as the captain of the team picking each of us sisters out individually and telling us we would each make a special contribution to the family. I love him so much and really look up to him as the true leader and captain of the Olsen Clan.
P.S. I love his and Christina's example as a beautiful and happy marriage. If Clark and I could love and make a fraction of the family they have I know my life will be successful.

  ^^^What kind of brother will participate in making a star with his feet??  A good one!!^^^

I'm not going to lie because I (Lindsay) am the youngest and Justin is the oldest, we've always had a connection that was different from the others. I think mostly because people say we have a similar sense of humor and I think we look the most alike. We also know how to have fun together whether it be watching college football, laughing on the couch until 1 in the morning looking at awkward family photos or just hanging out with his girls, we always have a blast.

To say the least he truly is one of my best friends. He's been a friend I could turn to about guys, school and my future. He help set the way for the rest of us crazy gals, and I don't think I could have even hoped for a better older brother.

We have been through some rough times as siblings but even though we have grown up most of our lives apart, we are so close.  We cherish the times we are able to be together and we have a blast!  And yes its the cool new thing to take pics with your eyes closed!  Hope you enjoyed getting to know "The Brother".


  1. i'm surprised the Rat face didn't come up at all :)

  2. Awwwwww so sweet. Justin is so lucky to have you gals as sisters and friends. Can't wait to see all of you. Christina

  3. This really is so sweet if I say so myself :) aw I love my siblings so much! Wish Tiff was going to be out here with us next week for Thanksgiving.


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