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I had a great opportunity to go to a Love and Logic conference last week.  What is Love and Logic you ask? It is a great way to help teach children and students how to grow up to become responsible adults. The basic principles are allowing children to make mistakes when the "cost" is low and allowing them to learn from the consequences of those mistakes.  When a mistake is made, you give the child lots of love and empathy.  If there are natural consequences to their actions, you let those do the teaching (as opposed to giving the child a lecture).  If you are the one that needs to provide a consequence to an action, you give one that is appropriate to the action.  Check out their website  for more information.  And click HERE for free articles and handouts from their site. I LOVE, Love and Logic.

Trying to get a good conference selfie

 If I look a little puffy-eyed its cause the conference started bright and early at 8:30 am!  It was well worth it though.  

The specific conference I got to go to was Handling Misbehavior with Less Stress.  Who couldn't use that?!  Jedd Hafer was the speaker.  He was so funny (this must be a requirement to be a L&L speaker because they always are!). He discussed many topics not only relating to parenting but to misbehavior in a classroom setting as well.

We got a Love and Logic catalog and a booklet filled with essential skills and tips for learning how to parent or teach the Love and Logic way.. 

 So, the conference lasted from 8:30 to 2:30 with 15 minutes breaks ever hour and about and hour lunch break in the middle. At the end of every break, Jedd would draw names for Love and Logic prizes.  The people chosen got to pick from items found in their catalog . They included webinars, CDs, and books.

I would definitely  recommend going to a Love and Logic conference if you get the chance.  Click HERE to find a conference near you.  They are so fun. 
I am so grateful to have found Love and Logic. The biggest thing I have learned from L&L is how to keep calm while parenting my little ones. This is something I often struggle with. It's pretty easy to get frustrated and mad when those little ones like to explore and test the limits you set. The Love and Logic principles help me enjoy these teaching moments instead of hating them. 

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  1. Very cool! That sounds awesome! So what all did they say? What are good ways to handle misbehavior with less stress? How do you keep calm while parenting your kids? I'd love to know more about the techniques! You looked so cute!


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