This weekend, as most of you probably know we watched General Conference. If you missed last weeks blog posts telling what General Conference is read about it HERE and HERE.
Salt Lake City Temple. Picture taken by Ashley.
 After this weekend I feel so uplifted as most everyone does who watches these inspired messages. I am going to share some of my thoughts from this weekend. The talks have not yet been put into print and so I will not be using any direct quotes.

Gary E. Stevenson, the Presiding Bishop, started off by talking about an olympic athlete. These athletes put years of time into practicing for an event that lasts only minutes. He related this to our life now. We are now in our 4 minutes. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe in a pre-earth life, an earth life, and then eternity. We believe our earth life, which we are all currently in, is a very short span of time when compared to the eternities; 4 minutes, is what its compared to in this talk. I have often learned about how this life is our chance to show our dedication to the Lord, but what I have never thought about is the preparation that I and all of us put into preparing for this life. If, like the olympic athletes, I had put an extensive amount of time into preparing to come to this life, I do not want to waste it! Watch this talk by clicking HERE.

Elder Neil L. Andersen, talked about adversity. In the beginning he related us to a tree and adversity to the wind. As trees stand in the wind, their roots grow deeper into the ground making them even stronger. As we all know life can just be flat out hard sometimes, and every now and again we are faced with something that we don't know how to get through. The knowledge that these trials will make us stronger, helps me to know that it will all be okay.  Watch this talk by clicking HERE.

I love General Conference. It truly is an inspired meeting. It will give you peace and comfort that you will not find anywhere else!

What were some of your favorite talks and insights front his weekend?
Standing on the roof of the LDS Conference center, looking out at the temple. 
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