Ahh oh my gosh can I just talk to you about it? Really? Ok thanks! Wow I am so pleased with this series. The books were so incredibly intense {and graphic -- I'm so glad they haven't made the movies as graphic as the books}. In my opinion the books and movies complement each other so well! They go hand in hand. Show one perspective of the story the other can't. I love it. I cannot wait to watch the second movie again and I cannot wait until the 3rd movie comes out (are they making two movies for the 3rd book or is that a rumor?)

Anyway, here are some excerpts from my favorite parts of this last book Mockingjay.
 "Maybe everyone is just trying to protect me by lying to me....Because really it's mostly for their own good...." I read this paragraph and immediately felt like I could relate to it. this is such a perfect explanation of why honesty is so important to me. In my life people have been dishonest to me, or withheld information from me as if they are trying to protect me from what it could cause me. As if they do not want me to react or so I don't "do anything crazy" but in the end it really has just created a larger distrust of people. You always learn the truth and in the end I do totally agree with Katniss in that when people say little white lies, are fake or withhold information from people, they are simply doing it for their own good. Because it is easier for them. I don't like that. It's selfish and causes so much more pain in the long run. So when in doubt --- just tell me what's up. That's what I prefer :) no need to soften it up or make light of it.

This one starts with "I think that Peeta was on to something....". This is clearly the purpose of the book. In the end, who does war benefit? "No one. The truth is, it benefits no one to live in a world where these things happen." That was so powerful to me. There is not much more I can add to that. 

This one I can really relate to as well. I finished reading this book at work and completely lost it because of this page -- no joke! As I was reading these books I had been trying to figure out who I wanted Katniss to be with, Gale or Peeta. The more I read and the more I got to know them, towards the beginning/middle of the second book I realized I loved Peeta and wanted Katniss to pick him. The reason why I loved him is simple, because he is Clark. If there ever were to be a character that has the same personality as Clark it would be Peeta Mellark. So naturally, as I love him most of anyone I know I would wish for Katniss to be with someone as wonderful as my hubby. Since the book has been out for a while I've heard things here and there but I never quite knew what was going to happen... all I knew was it has a real ending and it's sad. Not for me! I was so soo incredibly happy when I read this part. So happy that Haymitch, Katniss and Peeta ended up back in District 12's Victor Village together. They had been through so much together which gave them this deep connection no one could understand, not even Gale. (It kinda reminded me of how LOTR ended with Frodo going on the ship with the others... they had been though so much they just couldn't live normally with everyone else) Anyway back to this section. I felt like it was not only so Clark, but so me too. Any of you that truly knows me knows that I have plenty of fire myself. I really really needed someone to complement me in a more calming way. I think Katniss described it so perfectly. That he is her dandelion in the spring (that is sooo Clark!!). Rebirth, not destruction... that life can go on no matter how bad it can be. And of course the way it is put with him having her confirm if her love is real or not real was too perfect. Ahhh I am so happy so so so so so so happy!

Please tell me what you thought! comment on here. Lets talk about it on Facebook. Text me. Message me. Talk with me about it this weekend. Please, Please! I am so happy now I can finally talk about this story with people and not have to run away with my ears plugged screaming so it didn't get ruined for me ;P haha.

Also -- I got a cute new hair cut... still deciding if I like it :) I got a new job to that I'll tell y'all about more soon!


  1. I enjoyed the books, but feel the ending is 'unfilmable" as written. Expect significant revisions.

    1. Oh ya I am sure they will not be able to do everything. What specifically about the ending did you think was unfilmable?


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