So, I hate going to the doctor. I always feel like they are impersonal, not very helpful, and never really answer my questions. Because of this, I am been wanting to learn more holistic ways of healing.  I know a little bit, like taking calcium can help with migraines and putting lavender on your throat when it starts to feel sore can prevent it from getting worse, thanks to my in-laws but I wanted to learn more.  So when I was in my favorite place, the library, I strolled down the medical isle and found this book:
Secrets of Self-Healing: Harness Nature's Power to Heal Common Ailments, Boost Your Vitality,and Achieve Optimum Wellness 

I LOVE IT! Dr. Maoshing Ni talks about combining Eastern (Chinese) and Western medicine.  He focuses on preventing disease and illness and catching it early rather than treating it later on.  Having all aspects of your life in balance, Dr. Ni believes, is very important in staying well and preventing disease.  As I read this book, I really felt that I believed a lot of the same things.  

It was interesting that I found this book the day before the senate passed Obamacare as being constitutional. Dr. Maoshing expresses his belief that the US is in a healthcare crisis and that we should be doing more to promote preventative healthcare in the US.  I agree and plan on using the things I learn in my own life and with my family.   
Dr. Ni talks a lot about Yin and Yang and staying in balance

Dr. Ni outlines the five principles of self-healing and wellness which are:
  1. Diet and nutrition
  2. Herbs and supplements
  3. Exercise and acupressure
  4. Lifestyle and environment
  5. Mind and spirit
The first part of the book has a chapter on each of these principles and the second part is entitled, "Self-Healing Remedies for Common Aliments."
I HIGHLY encourage our readers to look into this book, especially those that have health problems and are looking for more natural ways to solve them! Happy Reading :)

If anyone picks it up, comment on what you think of it!
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  1. I can't tell you how much I agree! I hate going to the doctor too and I really believe that we should take more responsibility for our health - preventive healthcare instead of taking medicine after we get sick. I will have to check this book out.

    1. Katie, Let me know what you think if you check it out.

  2. Check out the book Deadly Harvest for its take on the diet/nutrition piece.


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