I have never been very creative. I have however always been very good at copying others creativity. 
A friend of mine had made a decoration with her child's name on it to put on the wall. Thankfully because of her, she took me to Hobby Lobby, (my new favorite craft store) where everything was on sale, so I could buy the supplies and do the same thing. 

Not only was making this therapeutic for me, but it was super easy and made me feel so accomplished. I know after seeing my oh so cute photo you're all wondering, how did she do it? :) Well I am here to tell you.
Supplies you will Need
Letters, Mod Podge and brush, scrap book paper, sticky tac and any other accessories you would want to add to it to liven it up.
1. Go to the store and buy the letters that you want... there are SOO many letters to choose from. My friend had foam/cardboard based letters that I would have used but they didn't have any H's left. They have wood letters in all different sizes, which is what I choose, and they had some already done letters. (which I didn't want because they were more expensive and I wanted to make them myself.) Choose scrapbooking paper, which I had so much fun with! I already had a rocket ship theme for my sons room, but I always liked dinosaurs, so i decided to put the two together. Buy all the other accessories and everything else you will need.
2. You need to cut out the paper so it is shaped like your letter. I will admit that I messed up with my C the first time I traced the letter and cut it out, I did it backwards, so I had to go back to the store and get another piece of paper. Once all the letters are cut out your ready for step 3.
3. Brush your letters with the Mod Podge and very carefully put your scrap book paper on top of the letter. One thing I noticed was as mine was starting to dry, bubbles were forming under the paper, so make sure to press the paper down and smooth it out.
4. Now that all the letters are covered, you can do 1 of 2 things. 
a. If you noticed on my letter H there is a rocket ship sticker at the bottom of the H, but on the letters A and D are pop up stickers. For the letter that have stickers on them I placed the stickers where I wanted them to go and then repainted over the top with mod-podge. For those of you who have never used mod podge before, there are 2 different kinds you can buy, 1 that will leave a glossy look and one that will leave a more rustic look. (I used the more rustic look, for no reason other then it was what my friend used. When you cover your letter it looks like you glued your letter, but when it dries, it dries clear.) 
b. For those of you with pop up accessories, you will paint over your letter with mod podge first and once its dry, you will then add your accessories. 
5. After your accessories are on and they are looking good it is now time to put them on the wall. Depending on what type of letter you picked and how heavy they are I would suggest different methods. But what I did was put sticky tac on the back of my letters and stuck them to the wall. Granted I didn't want any of them falling so I used a lot of sticky tac.

Now that you are finished I hope you feel as good as I did. It was really nice to be able to make something that I think looks really good and know that I did it. If you feel like I do and don't feel like you could come up with these things by yourself, there are so many options for you. There is pinterest which is nice, and also many magazines, even in the store that you can look at. There is still hope out there for EVERYONE! :) 
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