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As a mom of two, some days I have a difficult time finding "me" time.  One thing that helps me leave my stresses of life is to read.  I LOVE to read.  I really can jump into a book and be right there with the characters.  I just got done reading an Australian series called Tomorrow, When The War Began by John Marsden.  This is a seven book series about a group of Australian teenagers that were on a camping trip while their country was invaded.  They return to their homes to find nothing but dead animals and rotting food.  It is a very intense war series.  I would not recommend it to anyone under 17 because it has some pretty gory and adult content (but that's just me). 

Click HERE to find out more about this series, author, and more.  If you are a busy mom and have lots of daily stresses, I encourage you to find a book that you like and take even 10 minutes a day to relax. It can be anything from a "How To" book to thrilling Sci Fi.  If you can't seem to find time to read, check out a book on CD or some libraries are starting to offer audio and ebooks so you can download them onto your IPOD and listen to them anywhere!  Studies consistently show benefits of reading in both adults and children.

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