So for the last couple of days I have been trying to find new ways to serve people around me. My thoughts have been everywhere and I have found a couple of ways. Anyways, tonight as I was making dinner I was thinking of a couple people that I haven't always been the most polite to, and realized that most of the time it was due to a certain trial I was going through. I then started thinking about how prideful I was and most of the time if someone is rude to me I think, "well if you're going to be rude to me, I do not need you in my life!" which brought me back to how when I have sometimes been upset or rude to someone it is very often because of something in my life and they just happened to walk in on me at the wrong time. It then occurred to me that then all I want and need is them to help me through whatever it is I'm going through. Because of this I've decided that no matter how hard it may seem, the next time someone is rude to me, I am not only going to feel sorry for them because of what their obviously going through but I will also try my very best to do what I can to help decrease their stress.

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