Oh how I love the week of finals. This finals week has been a little more stressful than others. To be completely honest I try to get rid of every memory of a final week from my brain to not be traumatized later. So when most people ask about finals week, I usually think..."Oh, finals?...They're not THAT bad."

But when it's finals week, I feel like I'm preparing for battle, after suffering the whole semester of trying not to drown under all the homework, surprise quizzes, and tests. And after regretting every Saturday I got done with work and had a brilliant idea of watching every Harry Potter, Batman, Transformers movies I could. Or stalking all my friends on Facebook for hours and going on pinning sprees on Pinterest.

So here is a little bit of my finals week. I hope some can relate, bask in my pain, or get some cheap entertainment. 

  • Having an absolute, zero desire to cook...not even because you don't want to eat but because the time wasted for cooking is precious time to study! So you result to buying pizza and chocolate.
Oh domino's understands.

  • After being stuck at a desk for hours and hours for days that feel like weeks, all you want to do is go run and be free.

  • You make countless lists in the hopes that you can finally cross off a whole class ALL TOGETHER! And cry about the ones where you have just one more thing to get done!
almost done!

  • Oh and what about sleep? Ah, who needs it. I mean either stay up late cramming everything in or wake up at 4 in the morning to study. Pick your poison. I just sleep with one eye open just to make sure I don't wake up late!
Poor thing, passed out after a long day.

  • You plan out everything you need to study so many times that you end up spending more time planning what you want and need to study, then what you actually need to study for.

  • You make a study playlist with all your best, about to conquer the world songs.
Gotta Love Spotify.

  • Not wanting to spend any more money because Christmas is a week away and you just spent all your money on Pizza and chocolate. 

  • Listening to other people's conversation and all you hear is "Are you surviving?"....."Yea, I've only got 48 more hours."

  • Being so stressed with studying for finals you forget to pack a lunch and result to eating cough drops and water.....
Seriously, so depressing.

  • You then go to weigh yourself only to find out you lost 4 lbs but you weren't even meaning to...It's just there's too much madness going on to finish EVERYTHING! 

  • When you go to send an email to your professor to try to get a little more extra credit in their class and you realize, "Wow... I haven't emailed this teacher at all this semester." So it's got to work in your favor. 
Totally Worked! Thank you my loving, giving Professor!

  • And by the time you actually get to the testing center, you're so mad at the whole week and all the studying you did/ didn't do that you're just over it and realize when you get a 71% on a test it's not as bad as it could've been. It's actually almost more relieving knowing its done, than even receiving a 71%.

The only glimpse of hope is the fact that in one week you will be at home sleeping at your parents house, eating food you didn't have to buy, sleeping in a bed you don't have to wash the covers for, and relaxing spending every waking minute doing something you actually want to do and not something you have to do for school.



  1. hahaha you're hilarious! I can totally relate to the cough drops and water.... sooo depressing.

  2. oooooooh linds!!! i TOTALLY understand!!!! glad im not alone in this crazy madness. that was super funny about the cough drops. hahaha! good luck with the rest of it. ;)

    1. haha thanks Kiana, good luck to you!!!

  3. i am seriously dying lindsay haha i love this so much.

    1. hahahhahahahha thanks Caitlin!!!! :) good luck with finals!


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