Oh, I am grateful for such a beautiful time of the year. This year has been extremely incredible for many reasons! First off we have had an incredible time spending time with my family. Not just us as sisters but with our grandparents, Dad, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and Nieces and Nephew. We all came in from California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Washington D.C. And what an amazing time. Here are some of the happenings.



 *Holly, Clark and Cam all turned 24 on the same day!



This weekend I was getting really annoyed with my hair, it was so long and the ends were so dead and drab. So I decided to give it to someone else in need!
That right there is 12 inches of my mane, I've been growing it since I was a Senior in high school. I wasn't expecting to donate it but when I got to the salon, my hairstylist asked if I wanted to donate it. I've never been able to donate before and wasn't sure if it'd even be long enough. But sure enough she cut off 14 inches total. 
While she was cutting my hair, the ladies next to me were talking about how their husbands don't like short hair and wouldn't like it if they cut their hair so short. I am so grateful for a husband who loves me no matter what. I feel empowered and so confident. But really, I feel even more humbled to give it to someone else.

We hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving! 

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