Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've had a fantastic holiday season! As we all know with the new year comes goals. I am NEVER good at keeping my new years resolutions; I am so bad that I can't remember the last time I ever made any because I'm just that bad at it.

Well it's the middle of January and it's time for me to finally start my New Years goal! I am going to become healthier! (I almost typed TRY to become better and then Yoda's wise words popped into my head, "There is no try only do!")

Each week I am going to work on 4 different aspects of becoming healthier; my physical body, internal body, my spirit, and last my mind.  


BODY PHYSICAL: I am currently living in Salt Lake City. For those of you who don't know, at this time of year the air is filled with smog. It is so disgusting. I was running outside but when the smog started getting bad I stopped running. Well I need to start up again! My legs are so sad, they need some running! The last time I ran was on January 1, while I was in Park City and I ran 3 miles. My goal is to run AT LEAST 3 miles 3 times this week!!

BODY INTERNAL: This week I am going to eliminate candy from my diet. I always hear about diets and eliminating certain foods. I have tried it before, but I don't have the motivation and will power that other people have and so I am going to do this a little differently then just eliminating candy. This doesn't mean that I am eliminating sugar, because I am not good at that. I will be eliminating just candy, and I will be substituting it for, sugar snap peas, and baby carrots. Usually when I eliminate something that is all I do is eliminate it. So when I start craving it I have no idea what to eat, so I either eat nothing or I just give in because its just that good. So this week I am going to substitute my candy for vegetables!

SPIRIT: This week I am going to do yoga! I love yoga. I took a class in college and I loved it, it was great and it really did make me feel more at peace. I bought a yoga video and honestly I don't know if it will be the same, but I am going to try!

MIND: I think it is important to stay well educated. While I was in college that was easy, I had assignments and professors telling me what to do in order to obtain more intelligence. I love reading! Since having kids it has become very very hard for me to read. When I read I usually read until I'm done, I don't put the book down until its over, which is why having kids has made it very hard for me to read. Well I'm going to pick up on that again too! I am going to read a book called, The Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton M. Christensen. (This goal might take me more then a week! We will see)

Each week I am going to report my progress! If anyone wants to do this with me I would love that as well! What are some of your goals? What do you do to stay healthy?


  1. I work out with my kids to keep my body healthy.
    Our family resolution was to have silent time with God and the Bible every morning, this keeps our spirits healthy. We are doing really well with this goal :).

    Good luck on your goals Ashley!

    1. Stacy I've read your blog! I really like your bible activities! How old are your kids again??


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