Happy 2014! Sorry for the long holiday break.  We, unexpectacly took a trip to Utah the day after Christmas. I got back on the 11th and am just getting back into the swing of things.  Since our trip was spontaneous from the beginning, we pretty much went by the seat of our pants for almost everything we did.  I like to have schedules and a plan most of the time, but our trip was filled with fun and family time.  I hadn't been to Utah in a year and boy had I missed the mountains! Being away from home for so long really made me appreciate the little things that I has always taken for granted. I wanted to share a few of the activities we did while we were there and share some of my favorite things about Utah. 

  1. Cross-country skiing.  In Cache Valley we were able to go cross-country skiing up Logan Canyon.  It was a huge effort to get the kids ready, rent skis and drive up there but it was SOO worth it.  If you live in a snowy place, you gotta do a winter sport! seriously, it turns the cold into fun.  

    Some of the kids eating crackers and hot chocolate after cross-country skiing
  2. Temple Lights.  I totally took for granted growing up in Utah and seeing the LDS temple lite up in Salt Lake City every year. I was so glad we were able to see the lights before they took them down.  We rode the frontrunner down from Centerville and then rode trax to Temple Square.  That was a fun little adventure. Ashley didn't know that we were in Utah and I was able to surprise/scare her as she came into the old tabernacle. It was a good surprise.

  3. Ice Castles/Ice Skating in Midway.  These were pretty cool. We went during the day but at night they light them up different colors. Check them out before you go here.  Buy your tickets in advance so you don't have to stand in line!  They also have them in Brenkinridge, CO and Lincoln, NH. Right next to the Ice Castles there was a skating rink.  My hub took Thing One ice skating for the first time ever. She loved it.

  4. Playing games with family.  Our family is big into games! We love them.  The game we played during this trip was a Monopoly card game.  I loved it.  Once we figured out how to play, it was pretty fast paced. 

  5. Hanging out at the Granparents'.  I LOVE Park City and especially my grandparent's home. I was so grateful I got to spend an extra week with them.
We pulled the kids around on the sled. WE LOVE SNOW!!

    If you are in Utah during the winter, have some fun and get out and play in the snow! you never know when you might move somewhere that has none. 

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