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It's a new year. A time to reflect on who we are, what we hope for, and what we want to change. I have now been graduated from college for a year and have gone through an interesting transition from studying and being involved in things I am passionate about and constantly seeing friends I love to working at a desk job that doesn't really have much to do with what I am interested in and moving to a new place where I've associated with more people that are less like me. I'll admit it, it's been an interesting transition where I have had to take moments to remind myself who I am and what I love. Sometimes the best way to remind myself of who I am during these transition periods is to jot down what I believe.

in being interested and engaged in people.
I love people. A lot. My favorite thing is to sit down with someone and just talk. I love it so much. But not only that, I like to remember. I like to show people what they are saying matters to me. Where they've been matters to me and what they want matters. In this world that we live in there are so many people that are so self involved that they don't take the time to to truly create relationships with people... and I think that is sad. People are here together to help and love and support and trust. Our hearts are capable of loving and caring about so many people. Use that capability and use it often.

in inclusion.
I really am (and my sisters are too) the type of person that wants to invite everyone I know and love to things because I hate making people feel left out. I cringe at the thought of it. I guess this stems from the the first day of school in 4th grade. I moved to the town in grew up in in Iowa and during recess I walked around the playground by myself crying because I had no friends. I decided then that I never wanted anyone to feel that way. I don't want people to feel unloved or unwanted by me, ever. I think it this is a very important quality for people to develop. There are so many adolescents out there that do not feel loved and make destructive decisions because of it. We can help shape others lives just by simply including them.

in being honest.
People often tell me that I am blunt and say things as they are and I'd have to agree with them. Being honest is very important to me because I think it allows us to be real and true to our selves and allows us to have real, true relationships with others too. Now, I also believe there is a level of respect that needs to be communicated along with being honest. I am not perfect and I have made mistakes. I've said things in ways that I wish I could take back. But ultimately I would much rather tell the truth to someone rather than being fake and someone I am not. I don't think it is fair to yourself and I do not think it is fair to others to be dishonest.

in my religion and ultimately Jesus Christ.
I believe in and love my religion. I studied at a private university sponsored  by my faith and have spent a lot of time reflecting on what it means to me. I have had rigorous courses on it and have had many questions about it. I have also had many questions answered and have seen a lot of miracles that have shaped my testimony of it. I believe in it and love it because it makes me happy. Others may judge my religion, and you have every right to. But based on my understanding of it, I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he atoned for everyone's sins on this earth. He is the core of my beliefs. Everything I know about my religion is completely centered around my Savior. My life has been greatly influenced and shaped by what He means in my life and His example. There is no way I could deny that.

that we are influenced by our surroundings.
I believe who we associate with, what we watch, where we live and what we take in influences us. I have lived in Utah for about 4 and a half years now and have noticed a change in who I am which directly relates to the fact that I live in Utah. I know people who watch Desperate Housewives, The Real House Wives of the OC and other shows where people are having affairs, will be more susceptible to having an affair. I've seen it. Whether you want to admit it or not, your environment has a huge effect on who you are. I think it's important, if you do like people, or places or things but don't like what they do or the patterns that come along with them, to keep your guard up and don't let go of your standards because we are so easily shaped by our environment.

change is empowering.
I am obsessed with change. I love the opportunities that come along with it. I love the open mindedness it gives us. It doesn't matter what kind of change it is, seasons, jobs, places, people. I think change is a wonderful thing that gives us more perspective and allows us to become so much more than we would have been were we to stay in the same place forever. Though it can be hard, and can allow us to feel lost at times, I think we can be rescued by change. I think it enables us to become our best selves and to be completely happy.

What do you believe in? What do you want to become or what don't you want to lose about your self in 2014?

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