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As I sit here in my cold chair, my soul and heart aches for a trip. I was looking through my computer and found these pictures of one of the best adventures I will probably ever have. I went on a study abroad to Mexico and Belize. I wish someone could take me back to those dirt filled streets. And tastes of real authentic foods and spices. So if it's cold where you're at, enjoy these pictures to hopefully warm you up!
A LDS temple in Mexico City, one of the whitest thing's I saw.

My first taste of authentic Mexican food. 

Mexico City.

That Cathedral was built on ancient Mayan Ruins. Our Hostel was right behind the Cathedal.

I'm obsessed with all the color.

Boat Ride on the Sumidero Canyon. 

We got to eat dinner at an LDS families house and the little girl pulled out this sweet kitty from a cabinet! A very humbling experience.

This lady made me take a picture with her and then made me pay her for it. At least it could help those sweet kids.

The group.

Another LDS temple in Mexico.

These are my naked shorts. Nobody could tell if I was ever wearing shorts. Sadly the ripped a couple times on the trip.

Chichen-itza! My grandparents went here a long time ago and then I got to go!

Oh this was heaven. Let the beachy warmth begin!

Another LDS temple in Mexico!

Boat trip in Belize.

So scared out of my mind. I hate reptiles 

Glad that wasn't me.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of these pictures! Share with us some of your favorite trips you've been on!

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