Yep, that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and yes, I did take that picture! Not sure who he is? His resume consists of being in Angels in the Outfield, 3rd Rock from the Sun, 500 Days of Summer, Inception, and Batman (The Dark Knight Rises). Being in his presence was literally unreal. He is such a talented actor {and so hot I might add!}. I later found out he is a talented director/producer as well! K so want to know how I got this sweet opportunity? Well it all starts with the Sundance Film Festival... 

Never heard of the Sundance Film Festival? It is a non-profit organization that gives independent artists a chance to share their work free of "political and commercial pressures" before they come out on the big screen. Most of these works are in the form of films. It was started by Robert Redford here in Utah. Celebrities come from all over the country to be at the showings and will usually give a Q&A afterwards that those who are lucky enough to get a ticket can ask anything they desire. Most of the shows are in Park City, Utah which is the city I would visit growing up when I would come to Utah every summer. As most of the shows have limited seating, most {common} people will go to Park City to walk the streets, trying to spot celebrities. It's a really fun place to go to if you can bare the cold.

Anyway, I had found a list of celebrities who were probably going to come to Sundance and then found a list of the shows that were going to be there as well. You have to get tickets for the shows pretty early but the waiting lists open up 2 hours before the show for those who want to still try and get in. I had decided I really wanted to go to JGL's show hitRECord on TV. I've been a fan of him for a long time and thought it would be really cool. The day of the show I had it all planned out, had my computer opened up for the second the waiting list became available and was ready to be the first to get on the waiting list. Sadly, it was really confusing and to my dismay, was all filled up a minute after it opened up. I was bummed but thought we should still try and go and maybe wait outside the building to meet JGL. We made it to Park City 30 minutes before his show started and decided to stand in line and try to get in. We were of the last people in line and thought it would be a fat chance that we would actually get a ticket. Little by little we would hear an uproar of screams and had realized the Sundance volunteers were letting people go in. Once we finally made it to the top of the line the volunteers asked if there was a single person.... great we just barely missed it. They were waiting there for a while trying to see if there was someone who was alone so they could give that last ticket away. I was really bummed but could not leave. Then, out of no where the volunteers looked at us, pointed and said you guys can come in!! I thought I was going to cry I was so happy! I could not believe I was actually going to be in the same room as JGL!! 
 We filed into the building and made it up three flights of stairs. As I handed in my ticket, the volunteer greeted me by saying "you made it just in time, the show is about to start". I was elated! I got a seat on the third row in the middle of the theater. I felt so lucky and so excited! They presented hitRECord on TV's first episode which I seriously had a hard time comprehending due to my excitement of actually making it in. After the first episode was over JGL came out and talked a little bit about how they started and what the show was all about!! We watched the next two episodes of the show and then waited for JGL to come out for the Q&A.
 A lot of people asked a lot of interesting questions. I was so impressed by JGL. I have so much respect for who he is as not only a successful actor but as a person. He was so down to earth and real. I'd recommend watching his show, it's pretty interesting! Annnd it takes a collaboration of a bunch of artists so you could actually get your work on his show, it's open to the public to participate!
 ^^^ So glad these girls came with me! We had the best night! Highly recommend to do this for a GNO^^^
Once the show was over we waited outside the building in hopes to see JGL again of which we did! He couldn't take a picture with us but we did get to watch him climb into his shiny black suburban :)
 We walked around Main Street after the show to see what was going on up there and to our surprise we found Elijah Wood {Frodo Baggins}scurrying around with a rolling suitcase. He honestly looked lost and he's a little guy!

Later we found Michael from Breaking Bad, the host of Survivor and this guy vvvv Brooks from the Bachelor. I felt like an ultimate creep taking the pic of Elijah Wood and awkwardly smiling beside Brooks but it was worth every minute! haha
Once we finally got his attention he took a picture with us and complemented us by calling us "The Cute Girls Club". Thank you Brooks... we really are adults, we promise. The first thing that came to my mind to ask him is if he is single {Yes I am a married creep.... I panicked} of which he said he does go on dates but he is single. All I really wanted to know is if he found love yet!
Super successful Sudance trip if I say so myself. It was such a blast. If you are ever in Utah during the middle of January this is a MUST! If you are living in Utah and have never been to Sundance, it is time. You won't regret it!

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