Here is my list for 5 Easy Valentine's activities to do with kids.  I have only 5 because I get quite overwhelmed with the 101+ lists of books to read, preschool activities etc.....like I have time to read or do all of those 101+ things!! Even 25 is too many for me. I really am not interested in most of the things on those big lists. So, as I read through some Valentine's lists I picked the top 5 activities that I would actually do.  Now, if you did not get the impression about me already, I am not one to go to a lot of effort for entertaining my kids with cutesie crafts. So this list is seriously easy activities that hopefully your kids will enjoy.

1. Uppercase/Lowercase letter match with hearts. I bought these foam hearts in the dollar section at Target (easier than the one I found online because I didn't have to sit and cut out 26 hearts!) . Nora LOVED this activity, she played it twice today. This activity comes from make and takes blog.

I just wrote the uppercase letter on one side and the lowercase letter on the other side and cut the heart in the middle. Some had a straight edge and some had wavy or zig-zag edges.
The foam hearts came in packs of 12 so I bought two and then a couple other packs of hearts for a different project so I used these four different hearts for Y and Z.

Max "helping" Nora.  This activity was more for her.  Nora is four and Max is two.

 Nora really enjoyed this activity.  After she matched all the letters, she then sorted them into reds and pinks.

2. Kiss Hunt.  This activity came from Reading Confetti blog.

 Instead of using paper plates I just used construction paper. And yes, I just used tape to stick the circles on! Seriously, the tape was just right there.....so that's what I used.  I am so lazy about crafts for my kids.
 The kisses have numbers on the bottom.  You hide the kisses around the house and when the kids find them, they match them to the corresponding number on the paper.

Found the ones on that were on the bike tire
Max did a great job finding the kisses and, with my help, matching them to the numbers on the paper. He got 8 down before he stared opening and eating the rest. 

It only took them a few seconds for them to open half of the kisses and stuff them in their mouth!
3. Heart Animals.  This also comes from the reading confetti blog.  After reading the book My Heart Is Like A Zoo make animals out of hearts like they do in the book. Click on the link to see more examples of heart animals.

 I did cut out a lot of hearts for this activity, but I did it while I was watching a show so it was fun.

4. V-Day Math. And again, this comes from reading confetti blog.  Take a piece of paper and draw eight (or however many you want) hearts with the numbers 1-8 in the heart. Give your kids some candy and have them put the correct amount of candy inside the heart. 
For my two year old, I put the dots as well as the numbers to make it a little easier for him to understand how many to put in each heart.

5. I love this one from A day in my life.  She does this for a Father's Day gift, but it would be so cute to send the grandparents one of these for this Valentine's Day. Trace your child's hand on a piece of paper and cut two out.  Attach the hands with a strip of accordion folded piece of paper.  Write I LOVE YOU on the outside of the hand and This Much! on the strip of paper in between.

Ashley made this one. Her son's hand is the blue one and her daughters is the pink one.

And there you go! The five easiest Valentine's activities to do with your little ones!!


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