So after living with a guy for a year, I feel like I have gained insight to what guys like. With Valentine's day right around the corner aka tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little list of some idea's to get your man this year with the help of my hubby.

1. A T-Shirt of their favorite sports team, even if they just recently lost the Super Bowl. Also, Star Wars shirts and memorabilia are always a hit with my guy.

2. A sweet key chain, like the Thor Hammer Key-Chain I found. (Found and purchased by Cam) Or anything involving super heroes works.
3. A Watch. If I know anything, you can judge a guy by the kind of watch he wears. (Or isn't wearing yet because you haven't bought it for him...)

4. A Wallet. Every man has one and probably needs a new one. 

5. Or what about a book? Make sure it has lots of pictures.
We hope this list helps you get your last minute gifts for your guy. 
With love, Lindsay and Cam 
*For good shopping choices, we go to Amazon, E-bay, or even Etsy.

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