I first heard this song on a commercial and it spoke to my soul. It's very catching and gets stuck in my head easily but it also brings back memories through my mind of when you go to places that you feel like you've been to before.

I know this may have another meaning and the music video might be a little creepy with the black eyes. But I love the beat. I love how music can take you throw so many emotions and can even help inspire you.

This song reminds me of every time I go back to Iowa and nothing has changed. It just feels like I never left. The only thing that has changed is the fact my family doesn't live in the house I grew up in or the town. But when I go back it feels like I never left.

It reminds me of my favorite place in the world. My cabin. The starry night skies you can see for miles that are not polluted by city lights. The smells of nature that creep into your nose when you breathe in all of the natural beauty.

It reminds me of when we go to Boise and the incredible feeling I get when I am with my husbands family and the love they have shown me.

This song makes me want to find new places. Explore the unknown. Find beauty in the undiscovered.

Please enjoy this song and close your eyes and see what it brings to you.

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  1. haha cute. Clark and I always sing this song when we're getting ready in the morning haha. You should listen to the Birdy version. It's so pretty!


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