HELLO! This week I have done so many things that are totally NOT what I usually do! I created things! (and not one of them was from pinterest!) 

The first thing I made, was inspired by Kaylee. She had been given some healthy recipes and healthy snacks, so when I went grocery shopping I had to buy some. (Because deep down, under my love for sugar, I really DO want to eat healthier!) So I bought this HUGE bag of Kale from Costco. Kale is incredibly good for you. Check it out HERE if you want to learn more about it. I initially bought it to put into my smoothies, but with such a huge bag I needed to find more things to do with it. I talked to one of my friends who suggested Kale chips. (Which honestly taste a lot better than they look or sound!)                                               
I sort of used a recipe found HERE. I say sort of used, because I did it a little differently. I didn't need to de-rib it, because that was already done, and to get the Olive oil more evenly placed, I would suggest tossing it all in a bag and shaking it up, then laying on to the cookie sheet. I also didn't turn them over half way into the cooking time as suggested, because I didn't think it would be necessary and mine turned out just fine!

Yesterday was my sister-in-laws birthday! She was coming over to our house so I did lots of birthday things for her! I decided to make cake pops, and yes REAL cake pops! Not the cake pops you put in the machine, which I guess are okay. Anyways the recipe I used was from my other sister-in-law. It was super fun to make these but I'm pretty sure I dirtied EVERY dish in my house!

This sign says Happy Birthday Aimee

I had to throw in a picture of these cute kids!

And last but definitely NOT least!, I love my little 2-year-old, but he doesn't always listen, and do the things I ask him to do. So I came up with a sticker chart! (I know I'm not the first one to do this, but I thought of it all on my own!) Anyways these are Chad's "chores"; just in case you can't read them they are: eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner, (in order to get the sticker he CANNOT cry or scream and has to eat all his dinner), pee in potty, (which he is good at, but sometimes he doesn't want to stop playing if he is having so much fun), poop in the potty, (ever since he has started peeing standing up he REFUSES to sit down to poop, so thats awesome), NO hitting, spiting or pulling hair, and clean up toys and books.

After he does each of these things he gets a sticker! YAY! and honestly it has been going really really well! I also added sharing, it isn't on the list, but if he shares I put a sticker on his shirt! I was surprised at how much he started listening without whining and crying if I gave him a sticker for doing these things! I am very proud to admit that my life has gotten so much easier! I LOVE IT! Also, for a disclaimer; I REALLY wanted him to start pooping in the the potty so I let him pick out his own stickers specifically  for pooping on the potty, and if he wants one of those stickers he HAS to poop on the potty! It has seriously worked fabulous and I love it!!!

It really has been so fun making new things. I never get this creative, and I really don't make things like this often. I feel very accomplished and I like it!


  1. Cute things. I'm so glad Chad is responding to the chores chart!

  2. This is so ambitious! You inspired me!


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