Hi you guys! So due to Valentine's Day and the long weekend {thank you Pres' Day!} I had the most fun weekend ever! Want to know what I did? Well we started Valentine's Day out with a yummy breakfast -- Yes I did get up really early to make a breakfast for Clark before he got up! I made heart shaped scones and chocolate covered strawberries. They weren't the prettiest by any means but they sure were super sweet! here are some pictures to help show you what all went down. 

Clark ate lunch with me like we always do but he greeted me with these beautiful flowers! He did real good, don't you think? I loved having the sweet smell of flowers on my desk all day. It just made the day so much happier! 
At my work we always have cute and fun things for holidays. Every Valentine's Day we have a v-day box competition. I made mine at 10 the night before and actually got 3rd place! Pretty proud of my cute little luv van. 
 Clark picked me up after work. We stopped home real quick and to my surprise there was a pretty turquoise necklace and a dress on the bed with a note saying "you can wear this tonight for dinner". Clark is such a sweetie! Then we went on our way to Cheesecake Factory. I love that place! So yummy and we had such a nice server!  
 After dinner we just went home, watched a movie and had a relaxing night. Saturday we made plans to go to a natural hot spring that fills an old crater in Midway, Utah. It was such a cool and fun activity! People were scuba diving below us while we were floating on the top of the water. The water was about 95 degrees. Such a relaxing activity. I already want to go back!
 Since we both had Monday off for President's Day we made a plan to do something really fun which to probably no surprise involved a hike. It was our first hike of 2014 and we had so much fun! We went up to Bell Canyon which was the second date Clark ever took me on when I was 17 years old! We had a lot of fun reminiscing about old times. We tried making it up to a waterfall at the top but unfortunately it was too icy for us to make it all the way up.
Hope you all had a great long weekend! Whether you've lived in Utah your whole life or are just visiting I would highly recommend visiting some of these places!

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  1. Oh hey! You're just the most beautiful person ever and it sounds like you had an incredible day bigs! You definitely deserved it! Love you so much!


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